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Research topics:

1. First-principles theory of nonradiative processes in solids.
Funded projects:
(a) Marie Skłodowska-Curie project Nitride-SRH (2015-2017).

2. Theory of point defects for quantum information processing.
Funded projects:
(a) M-ERA.NET project MyND (2015-2018).
(b) Quantum Flagship Project Asteriqs (2018-2021)


Chris G. Van de Walle (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)

Marcus W. Doherty, Prithvi Reddy, Lachlan Oberg (Australian National University, Australia)

Lee C. Bassett (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Cyrus E. Dreyer (Stony Brook University & Flatiron CCQ, USA)

Adam Gali (Wigner Research Center, Hungary)

Carlos A. Meriles, Vinod Menon (City University of New York, USA)

Ymir Frodason, Klaus M. H. Johansen (University of Oslo, Norway)